Our New Torched Pre-Workout Formula

Posted by Brady Johnson on

Pre-workouts are designed to give you the energy and focus you need to perform at your very best in the gym. And that’s critical for firefighters to help them prepare for the stress of the job and make sure they can perform at the highest level when it matters most. That’s why we at Fire Science Nutrition developed an all-new pre-workout formula designed to help fuel your workouts better than ever. 

The result is our rebuilt Torched Pre-Workout now with Teacrine, Paradoxine and 8x more niacin. That means Torched now gives you more energy to fuel your workouts so you can go longer and harder in the gym. We’ve also added alpha GPC, Himalayan rock salt and 3x more citrulline malate to improve endurance and keep you hydrated. We even increased our caffeine anhydrous profile to boost metabolism by 20% while also helping you avoid the typical caffeine jitters and post-workout crashes.

So what do all the new ingredients in Torched do for your workouts? Within 10–15 minutes of taking it, Torched begins to dilate your blood vessels and improve blood flow to your muscles. As your vessels open, you’ll notice an energy boost and improved performance in the gym — leading to long-lasting sets, more reps and added endurance. And all that adds up to a stronger, healthier you who’s ready to take on one of the most demanding jobs on the planet.

With so much new happening inside the bottle, we thought Torched needed a new design and packaging to match, too. So we’re introducing the brand new Torched Pre-Workout, with a bold new look that pays homage to the firefighting community all over the bottle. 

The all-new Torched Pre-Workout has everything you need to train like a firefighter and perform your very best at the gym and on the job. Try it today.

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