Fighting fire for a living

We started FSN with one goal: save firefighters. Our day job is extreme: 300° fires, 15+ mile hikes across mountain terrain, emergency response. It takes a real mental and physical toll.

Everyday products were bad

The products we had were hurting us, not helping us. 75% of firemen are dehydrated, 77% are overweight, and 50% die from heart issues. Most supplements had ingredients we couldn't pronounce, full of sugar artificial sweeteners and dyes.

So we started Fire Science Nutrition

We're on a mission to provide clean, rugged fuel. Firefighters in all 50 states are using FSN to stay ready for the daily battle. We are built by firefighters, for firefighters #STAYREADY

Giving back to firefighters

We donate 10% of our profits back to firefighters. The number one thing they lack is healthy hydration & gym equipment. Every time you buy, we donate