3 Secrets About Vascular Pump Boosters You May Not Know

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1 reason to take a Vascular Pump Booster that you already know...and 3 you didn’t


Reason 1: Vascularity and performance.

The main reason people seek out a Vascular Pump Booster is definitely the vascularity and performance. When we think of this supplement we think of big vascularity with that full muscle feeling. This is a great benefit and should not be overlooked. As our muscles fill up with extra blood our performance increases. This not only allows us to push harder in the gym but it allows for proper nutrient delivery both during and after the workout. Not to mention that awesome “pump” look that goes along with it.
But you already knew this, right? I mean c'mon, who doesn't want to look like Arnold back in the day. But here are three things you may NOT have known about vascular pump boosters...

Secret #1: Heart Health

This is the first of the lesser known benefits and reasons to take a Nitric Oxide boosting supplement. Within minutes of ingestion, our smaller blood vessels begin to relax. When this happens, it allows for better blood flow deep in areas of your body where flow is typically more stagnant. With that increased blood flow, we decrease the growth of plaque on the walls of our vessels as well as decrease the possibility of blood clots forming. Think of it as a stagnant pond vs a flowing stream. In a flowing stream, the possibility of growth of bacteria and microbial decreases drastically.

Secret #2: Lower Blood Pressure

With the relaxation of blood vessels comes the relaxation of your heart. Many doctors will advise their patients who have borderline high blood pressure to begin with a Nitric Oxide boosting supplement. Taking a load off the heart is crucial and the benefits of healthy blood pressure can help keep Cholesterol at a normal level and reduce the chances of a stroke.

Secret #3: Healthy Brain Function

It may feel like we have ran the words “Blood flow” into the ground but we aren’t done yet. Healthy brain function begins with healthy blood flow to those small vessels. When we increase that flow we increase the ability of the neurotransmitters in the brain.

If you have found yourself on the fence on whether or not to add this supplement to your mix, hopefully there is reason enough now to jump on board. With great health and performance benefits, this should be a staple in each fitness enthusiasts routine.
Not convinced? Check out what Shelby Johnson says the Real reason is everyone should take a nitric oxide booster.

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