Why Use A PreWorkout Supplement?

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There are many reasons why a PreWorkout supplement is considered a top bodybuilding supplement and should be a staple in your daily gym routine. A PreWorkout such as Torched provides many benefits; first, it gives you the energy and focus needed to have a hard-hitting workout that generates results.

Benefits of a Preworkout Supplement

On days where you struggle to get in the gym a PreWorkout can help take that first step. Or, we actually get in the gym but don't have the motivation to make it worth our time. A PreWorkout is great for both reasons, getting there, then putting in the hard work that leads to improvement.


So now you have taken your Torched PreWorkout Supplement and made it into the gym. It's giving you the energy you need,and you're having a great workout. It is not done there.

During Your Workout

After 10-15 minutes it begins to dilate your blood vessels and improve blood flow to your muscles. Energy aside, this leads to a better workout as well giving you better overall blood flow. As your vessels open, you perform better, your sets last longer, and your muscle endurance improves. Each and every extra "rep" we get in makes our workout that much better.

After Your Workout

With your workout finished and your body cooling down, it will help those vessels remain opened for a period of time. This leads to a better recovery where you're able to bounce back tomorrow feeling ready to go again, and as firefighters we need that. If you take our BCAA supplement Overhaul for recovery, it will go deep into the muscle for a longer period of time thanks to the lasted opening of those vessels.

In summary it is simple, get better energy and focus, and get better blood flow to the muscle.

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