Best Rated Testo Boosters Are Better Than Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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8 reasons that will change your mind about Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy or “TRT” has increased drastically in the past 20 years. While a TRT Doctor will tell you that this is because we know so much more about it, this isn’t necessarily the whole truth. In fact, I feel that plenty was known about testosterone in the 90’s and early 2000’s except one thing, how lucrative its use can be. Supplementing your body with testosterone itself may come with amazing results. We may possibly lose fat, build muscle, increase strength, sleep better, recover faster, improve sex life and improve our overall sense of well-being. But here are 8 reasons I feel our top rated testo booster is better than Testosterone Replacement Therapy:

  1. Your own production is done for good. When you supplement your body with exogenous testosterone it tells your body one thing,”I have enough already.” This causes your own production to slow down and eventually stop. Early on you may feel great because you have added extra Testosterone on top of your own levels. But after time your levels slow down and stop, leaving you with only the Test that you are supplementing. While this may be higher than when you started, it might not be drastic.
  2. You become dependent. You are now in caught in the trap. Your levels aren’t super high and your own production has pretty much stopped. But you can’t stop taking it because if you do, your body’s Testosterone levels will go into the tank and you are left with nothing. It can take years to get those levels back to where they were before you started, and that is if they ever actually get back.
  3. Cost. The cost of TRT can be very expensive, with some Hormone Replacement Centers charging $300 per month as a base. And don’t forget that you are dependent now, right? This isn’t a car payment that you can pay off after a period of time.
  4. Water Retention. As we increase our Testosterone levels we tend to increase our Estrogen levels. This is turn causes us to possibly retain water. Take it from someone who for 3 years was taking supplemental testosterone. My joints hurt and I felt puffy.
  5. Higher Blood Pressure. So that water retention I was talking about in the previous point, well in comes the high blood pressure too. Think of your cardiovascular system as a giant water balloon. The more water we add to that same balloon, the tighter it becomes. This is the same with our body, as we retain more fluid, we raise our blood pressure. While this might not be a drastic change, an increase from our normal range is still an increase.
  6. Headaches. Increasing our blood pressure can cause headaches as well. Again, that “balloon” is too full, too tight.
  7. Increased Libido…...Temporarily. One of the biggest advertising pitches of Testosterone therapy is the increase in libido. Those first few months after starting are awesome, you definitely feel that increase, and you couldn’t be more excited. As our testosterone levels increase drastically at the start as they do (since you’ve combined your own production with added Test) our Estrogen levels increase too. Estrogen can kill libido in a man, it happened to me. Now you are 6 months in and find yourself really struggling in the bedroom.
  8. Cholesterol. While the increase might not be drastic if the amount of test your are taking is low, don’t be alarmed if your Cholesterol levels get messed up. If you are prescribed a bit more Testosterone, you better keep a really close eye.

Why take it when you can get the same positive results elsewhere? Now comes the whole point of this. While we have listed a bunch of potentially negative effects from supplementing Testosterone, we have also listed some great benefits that may come from the increase in your levels. Adding a natural testosterone booster that works is a much better route, for many reasons. You don’t kill your own production, you do the opposite, you raise it. When you raise your own production you aren’t dependent. You don’t need to be on it year-round, you just need an occasional jump-start. Instead of paying potentially hundreds of dollars per month, you are spending much less, not to mention, you get to take a break. You increase your Test but you didn’t shock your system at the start and therefore produce extra Estrogen, so your libido, well, it stays up there too.
Now the key phrase in there was “that works.” There are many natural Test Boosters on the market, you many have even seen a commercial for a free bottle. But which one really works? In my opinion, Testo Booster from Fire Science Nutrition is the best rated test booster on the market. I prefer to buy it in a quantity of 3, not only does this get me a full 90 day course, but it gets me a 25% discount from the $29 that is normally costs per bottle. For $65 you can run this product for 3 months, boost your own levels up to where they should be and then take a break. My personal protocol is 3 months on and 4-5 months off. Get the positive benefits of boosting your Testosterone without introducing some negative effects.

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