The Lean Stack

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Pre-Workout Flavor Blue Raspberry

The Lean Stack is the perfect combo of the supplements when you have one goal in mind, get shredded. These five products help you power hard-hitting workouts by fixing your energy problem, gain lean muscle, recover stronger and burn fat. This is our top-selling stack for a reason, because it works! Paired with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee you can try it without feeling trapped.

  • Torched, our¬†pre-workout supplement¬†is the product you need to help you hit the gym hard! Torched will give you a great boost of energy without having to worry about the crash that other brands might give you.
  • Overhaul, a great tasting¬†BCAA recovery¬†supplement that you‚Äôll love.
  • Pump,¬†Nitric Oxide booster¬†to elevate your blood flow.
  • Burn,¬†fat burning supplement¬†to help shave off those unwanted fluffy parts.
  • T-Fuel to increase strength.

*detailed product info available on the individual product pages.